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Our immersive fire training solution

Immersive standalone headset

Fire Pro VR works with its controllers or with hand tracking. Our pack of educational extinguishers is also available as an option to improve training in extinguisher handling and retention of gestures.

visuel Etui Transport

Easy to carry

Carry the training to the trainee at any location. Its protective bag facilitates rapid deployment.

Educational fire extinguishers

Real fire extinguishers for a certified immersive training.

Our solution works natively with controllers or with hand tracking. Our educational fire extinguisher pack is available as an accessory to improve training in fire extinguisher handling.

Model Co2 | Water and Powder Model *

* Easy change from a Powder model to a Water model via a control button.

Pack Extincteur

Turnkey kit

Our educational fire extinguishers can be supplied in a shockproof case for easy transport.

Our Simulator

Fire Pro VR realistically simulates the behavior and responses of each type of fire, smoke formation, extinguishing agents and smoke alarms in firefighting scenarios for an accurate virtual training experience.

Our virtual training environments

A large library of high-fidelity training environments at no additional cost.

Mixed reality fire scenarios

Quickly and easily create your own fire scenarios in mixed reality. Place classes of fire above real objects, place a manual trigger, a power cut, a telephone, a colleague to evacuate, a secure meeting point...

Offer fire training as close as possible to the workplace of your trainees and company employees.

Debriefing Score Fire Pro VR


At the end of the course, a personalized debriefing is calculated and presented. This is an opportunity to debrief with the trainee and highlight areas for improvement.

So you can determine educational objectives to be worked on first in future scenarios.

Session de formation apprenante et casque de réalité virtuelle

Back screen for other participants

With Fire Pro VR, you can have visual feedback to share with other learners. Via, for example, a tablet or the use of a Chrome Cast, you will be able to view what is displayed in the headset of the active user in the scenario.

This is a simple way to make a session completely interactive, engage all participants in training, by promoting exchanges and sharing.

You can react to learners' actions, give live feedback and answer questions.

cinéma pédagogique en réalité virtuelle

Educational Cinema

Fire Pro VR also has an educational cinema in Virtual Reality that immerses you in didactic content. You will find videos on many topics:

  • CO2 fire extinguisher – 2kg.
  • Permanent pressure Powder extinguisher.
  • AUXILIARY pressure POWDER extinguisher.
  • WATER extinguisher with PERMANENT pressure.
  • AUXILIARY pressure WATER extinguisher.
  • The dangers of fumes.
  • Modes of propagation.
  • Roles during a fire evacuation.
  • The triangle of fire.
  • Basics of explosive atmospheres.
Quizz SSIAP en réalité virtuelle


To assess your knowledge, you can call on the interactive cinema at any time and take part in one of the various Quizzes. 

Classified by level, they allow you to assess or self-assess your knowledge relating to the scenarios that you can approach in Virtual or Augmented Reality.



Immersive training

Your trainees are immersed and learn by doing. Trainees are now actors in their training.

Commitment of trainees

Intuitive controls and menu, Immediate immersion.

A fun experience, with active pedagogy and analysis of objectives.

Optimized logistics

Set up in less than 3 minutes without any electrical outlet to plug in or PC to connect.

Wireless autonomous virtual reality headset.

Business Benefits

A scenario from A to Z (from the triggering of the fire alarm to the call of the fire brigade, from the use of the extinguisher to the evacuation of the premises).

Learning through gesture and memorization through immersion. Scalable system according to your specific needs and requests.

Marketing support

We provide you with a promotional video to promote the tool to your customers and ensure that you fill your virtual reality training order book.

Environmental impact

No consumables or flammable products required.

No release of potentially harmful products for learners or the environment.

Designed to develop automation

With Fire Pro VR, you'll learn how to use real fire extinguishers while training in virtual and augmented reality. Each time before extinguishing the fire, you will need to remove the safety pin and press the top handle to discharge the extinguishing agent.

And the handling?

With Fire Pro VR, you considerably simplify your logistics and handling constraints. No need to store a fleet of fire extinguishers in preparation for an exercise.
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Fire Pro VR Complete Bundle

  • We equip you with a complete pack (equipment and application).
  • Meta Quest 2 headset.
  • Educational fire extinguishers.
  • Licence Fire Pro VR.

Fire Pro VR Educational Extinguishers

  • You are already equipped with a Meta Quest 2 helmet.
  • You wish to order a pack of educational fire extinguishers alone.

License to use
Fire Pro VR

  • You are already equipped with a Meta Quest 2 helmet.
  • Order your Fire Pro VR license online.