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Spatial anchors, what are they?

A space anchor represents an important landmark in the world around you. The system will track it over time. Each anchor has a geolocated coordinate system.
Spatial Anchors

Spatial anchors are reference points locked into the world around you that you can use to position virtual content. This content will persist between training sessions.

This persistence is done by saving a spatial anchor at a specific "6DOF" pose (position and orientation), then placing the virtual content in relation to it. When using spatial anchors, you can resume mixed reality sessions and restore content at the same actual locations where users left them.

How are they used in Fire Pro VR?

Thanks to space anchors, it is now possible to create your own fire scenario in any training environment.

Simply place virtual objects in real space, where you want to create your exercise, and save their location.

It will then be possible to launch the scenarios, which will have stored the location of the objects in memory.


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