Fire training

In virtual reality and mixed reality

Offer an engaging and safe solution to your trainees with our educational fire extinguisher pack dedicated to fire training.

Professional fire simulator

Fire Pro VR is an easy-to-use, standalone fire training solution that immerses trainees in fire scenarios. fire training.

Handling virtual or real fire extinguishers for a fun and innovative training experience.

Perfect for raising awareness, training and recycling.


Fire Pro VR enables virtual reality and mixed reality training with the same app.

Virtual reality

Trainees are immersed in realistic 1:1 scale environments and can move through 3D space by teleporting easily using the joystick or their hands.

Mixed (or augmented) reality

The trainees see their work environment and are confronted with lights placed on real objects of their daily life.

Offer a fun and innovative educational tool


A completely autonomous solution, without wires or computers, to immerse learners in a realistic and safe environment.

Simplified logistics

asily portable, the mobility of Fire Pro VR allows you to bring a turnkey kit to trainees anywhere, anytime.

Educational effectiveness

Real-time data logging for analysis and feedback on training results.

Engaging for learners

Safe for learners and fully immersive.
Trainees are immersed in a high-fidelity and controlled virtual environment.

Cost reduction

Its flexibilityallows you to train as many times as needed without consumables, at no additional cost and independently of weather situation.

Our clients

They already use it in their training and train anywhere with peace of mind.

They already trust us!

You too can equip yourself with our fire safety educational solution.

We make fire trainers happy!

And the trainees want more!

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